This course gives you what you need to know to make sure you are making a profit on EVERY PARTY AND EVENT!


STOP GUESSING if you are charging enough.

FINALLY... YOU WILL KNOW HOW MUCH TO will have a price structure that you can be confident in!




Get immediate access to Module #1— "Get Your Mind Right" from our signature 8-module Partypreneurs® 101 course


Do you have what it takes to be your own BOSS?


I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and know all about this entrepreneurial life!  I will share with you the real on what you can expect and how to get into the CEO Mindset necessary to BE YOUR OWN BOSS!



Let me tell you I will NEVER undersell myself again after the Charge Your Worth course. I no longer will do a party without getting my worth and making a profit. This course helped me to be clear and precise on who I have as a client and how I can actually enjoy my work because I can see the profits. She also enlightens on what exactly it is that you should and should not be doing as an event planner. If you really want to do what you love and buy the things you want and love...sign up now!


Tonya really is right on time and so on point with this Candy Tables and Dessert Tables 101 course! I had been stumbling my way through trying to figure out how to set up and how to execute a polished and professional table and this course did just that. Tonya gives a very clear and focused explanation on the do's and don'ts of planning. You can feel the love and her desire for her clients to win in her upbeat and fun tone throughout! ​

Taija Silva

Owner, Regally Adorned Events & Sweets

The Get Your Mind Right course is the perfect way to kick off the Partypreneurs 101 series. It pushes you to really think about what you want from your business. Tonya provides tips on how to "get out of your own way" when it comes to launching your business and behaviors you have to exhibit to be successful at party planning.  AND it's wonderful that this class is free when purchasing any other class. Being able to take this class for free really shows that Tonya wants you to win!


I also purchased the Charge Your Worth course and got exactly what I was looking for and more! I was just looking for guidance on how to charge for a party...what I got was detail on what type of clients I want to work with, what services a planner provides, the importance of time management and how it relates to being profitable, and MORE.  Looking forward to completing the action plan!​

Shannon Towles

Owner, A Touch of Towles

When I met Tonya I was spinning my wheels and hitting my head against the wall in my event planning business. Working very hard and seeing little results. After watching Tonya for a while on the side lines, I decided to take a nervous leap and joined her 1:1 coaching program.


She immediately helped me streamline my focus and help get rid of some clients that were taking all my time with little profits and leaving me little time for my family. She helped to put together a 6 figure revenue plan and steps on how I was going to get there.


Most importantly, Tonya, helped me see my worth! She became a partner, coach and champion of each step I was taking.


I can only imagine if I didn’t hire an expert how long it would have taken me to get to where I am now, on my own.  This is the best investment I have made in myself!


Melissa Estepp

Owner, Premier Events by Melissa


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