Do you know what you should be charging? Learn how to price your services effectively so you are making a profit on EVERY SINGLE PARTY and hitting your revenue goals! 


Make more money by adding candy and dessert tables to your party planning business! Learn how to properly price, set up and style your candy and dessert tables for a profit! 


Maximize the revenue potential of your business by adding new ways to make money! Diversify your party planning business by adding additional revenue streams all within your niche! 















Sometimes we just have a specific area in our business that needs focus and attention.  This is where THE MAGIC IS with 1:1 private coaching. We will focus directly on your business goals and make a strategic plan to make them happen. With my over 20 years experience, I'm now offering my expertise, insights and advice to other women party planning business owners, like you, who are READY to roll up your sleeves and get to work slaying your business goals to move closer to having the business that you love!




An Event Planner Coach


I am the Owner of Soiree Event Design® -- a six-figure event planning, styling and graphic design studio and the Founder of The Partypreneurs School of Party Planning® -- online courses and coaching programs specifically for party planners ready to elevate their businesses to meet their revenue goals.  



I would be THE WORST EMPLOYEE!  I'm ALL ABOUT THIS ENTREPRENEURIAL LIFE!  My journey was not a fairytale full of rainbows—IN FACT—my road was FULL of roadblocks, but what I have learned over the last 20 years is to learn from every one of the mistakes, pivot when needed and stay focused and confident ALWAYS on my value.  THIS has propelled my business forward along with strategic strategies and it has been that grit and grind that inspired me to share what I know with you. 



Learn from my mistakes and learn new strategies and tangible ideas to move your business forward.  Having someone else, who's been there done that, is so valuable in having a second pair of eyes focused on your business to see the holes and opportunities.


Over the years, I've been blessed to work with many brands, businesses and celebrities...and I've loved every minute of it!  And now, what lights me up are those AHA-moments and high-fives I have with my other party planning business owners as they meet and exceed their revenue goals and get clarity and a roadmap to strategically position their businesses TO WIN!



Want to work on your pricing so you can stop undercharging?

Want help with your branding so you are attracting your dream clients?

Want help with your marketing strategy so you are getting booked?

Want to diversify your revenue so you can create a more sustainable business?









The Partypreneurs School was the best decision that I’ve made in a while.

I’m about to Be My Own Boss! The course is very thorough, informative and exactly what I need to be a successful party planner. I had no clue of how to do what I love for money.  I just knew how to plan great parties for friends and family for free but now I feel prepared and ready to introduce the world to my business with the tools that I was lacking and the confidence to stop giving away my time for free. If you want to run a successful business to be proud of, Partypreneurs 101 is for you!

Juanedra Jenkins

Current Student, The Partypreneurs School

Pricing My Worth was my biggest fear! 

Partyprenuers 101 is the best thing that happened to me.  I now know my worth and I have more confidence in my pricing. All the classes have impacted me—I learn something new from each one—things that I did not know that will help me be successful and things that will stand me apart from the rest of the event planners in my city.   I would recommend these classes for anyone who is serious about starting or taking their current business up a notch.  Some may think it’s pricey but it’s truly worth every penny.  You will gain so much knowledge to enhance your business.

Stephinia Troupe-Owens

Current Student, The Partypreneurs School

In 2014 I was working as a Sales Director when my son got sick with Leukemia. Having to quit my job of 10 years was not only scary but also it impacted the finance at home pretty hard.  I was going crazy with all the things happening in my life trying to figure it out what to do with my life and trying to find a job that could allow me to stay at home with my kid and earn enough money for me. 


Doing some research online I found Tonya’s training that really changed my life.  Reading Tonya's story, knowing how she started, getting all the tips, training and amazing templates made me realize that I could start my own business and that I could be successful doing something that I never thought could be a profitable business. I used all of this information to start my own mobile party business from scratch which is still very successful after 6 years.  I truly believe that without her training I would be doing something completely different (and boring maybe).  I can't thank you enough Tonya! You are truly one of the  most inspiring entrepreneurs that really made a difference in my life!


Bianca Abud |

Owner, Princess & Tiaras


I have a diploma in events management which is mainly for fundraising and bigger events. But I have been looking up and down for professional and personalized party planning training including pricing and client consultations.


Thank you so much for providing these courses, I don't think there's anything else like it out there.

Natasha Clough

Event Planner

I was planning events for family and friends and turned it into a business. Tonya's training on Charging Your Worth, stuck out to me the most. It was the way she broke it down in terms of the rental income side and the salary side. I use this pricing structure today and have since increased my prices to make sure I am paying myself a decent wage. My goal is to take my event planning/ decorating business full time! 

Talia Foster

Owner, Lavish Events by Talia

Working with Tonya, I have learned to be strong in my leadership voice and learned new tools to make my planning more efficient.


If you are new to party planning or need a refresher on the ins and outs of event planning... Learning from an expert is key and Tonya's training is the best out there!

Katie Driver

Owner, Uncommon Creative Studio

When I first started my business, Tonya's party planning business was one of the first to inspire me. I wanted to know how she ran her successful business.  Tonya's training offered her step-by-step strategy on starting and running a successful party business. No theories, no fluff —just right to the point advice.  


|​ Jamila Watson |

Owner, Parties on Purpose


Let me tell you I will NEVER undersell myself again after the Charge Your Worth course. I no longer will do a party without getting my worth and making a profit. This course helped me to be clear and precise on who I have as a client and how I can actually enjoy my work because I can see the profits. She also enlightens on what exactly it is that you should and should not be doing as an event planner. If you really want to do what you love and buy the things you want and love...sign up now!


Tonya really is right on time and so on point with this Candy Tables and Dessert Tables 101 course! I had been stumbling my way through trying to figure out how to set up and how to execute a polished and professional table and this course did just that. Tonya gives a very clear and focused explanation on the do's and don'ts of planning. You can feel the love and her desire for her clients to win in her upbeat and fun tone throughout! ​

Taija Silva

Owner, Regally Adorned Events & Sweets

The Get Your Mind Right course is the perfect way to kick off the Partypreneurs 101 series. It pushes you to really think about what you want from your business. Tonya provides tips on how to "get out of your own way" when it comes to launching your business and behaviors you have to exhibit to be successful at party planning.  


I also purchased the Charge Your Worth course and got exactly what I was looking for and more! I was just looking for guidance on how to charge for a party...what I got was detail on what type of clients I want to work with, what services a planner provides, the importance of time management and how it relates to being profitable, and MORE.  Looking forward to completing the action plan!​

Shannon Towles

Owner, A Touch of Towles

With the pandemic as an event planner, I thought I was ruined.


I just finished Tonya’s Diversify Your Revenue course and let’s just GAME CHANGER!


There was so much amazing information that I have watched it a couple times and I got something new every time!


I highly recommend this course and it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!


I am now feeling prepared in an upside down world to thrive.


Thanks Tonya! 


Melissa Estepp

Owner, Premier Events by Melissa

I would like to take the time to personally thank you so much for the Diversify Your Revenue Course. When I tell you I was sitting in a rut stuck like a frog on a log, I mean it.  I began to fall into a deep depression because the pandemic caused me to shut down my sleepover business, lose income, and when I started my online business, I still couldn't figure out what to create, and once again, I was stuck.  As much as I enjoy decorating children’s parties, I just couldn't figure it out and out of the blue, I received your email for the course and started the class instantly. 


Since starting the course, I've reopened my online party shoppe and have added instant downloadable party favors and signs as a means of passive income and listen, hearing the CA-CHING sound throughout the day and night, drives me to create even more.  I've also started added other revenue streams based on your course that are bringing in even more revenue NOW!  I wouldn't have even thought this far outside of the box nor had the confidence to do any of this without the Get Your Mind Right Course, which forced me to reevaluate my mindset and the Diversify Your Revenue Course, which guided me to really break down my business and create other revenue streams.


Raven Melton |

Owner, Magical Party Shoppe







Whether you're an ASPIRING party planner and want to turn your hobby into a business...


You're a NEW party planner and need help to relaunch your business the right way...


You're a PRO party planner and need help in certain areas to help you make more money in your business...


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