I've looked everywhere and there’s NO DETAILED step-by-step training out there on how to do it.  

    There's plenty of general business courses, but I need party planning specific information!


    I have NO IDEA HOW TO CHARGE for my services.

    I've been doing this as a side hustle for your friends and family for practically FREE!  



    and when I do they don't want to pay enough and I end up making no money!​​



    I’ll spend all this time and money to launch a party planning business the wrong way, make costly mistakes and ultimately fail.















      You could have taken a vacation, paid off some bills, or treated yourself to spa days!

      You can continue to leave that extra money on the table or you can RECLAIM IT and



      about transforming your hobby into a money-making party planning business!








        Sharing ideas, wins, and even frustrations amongst a group of other like-minded party planners all in the same boat as you is not only refreshing it is necessary.


        JOIN us in The Partypreneurs™ 101 Squad where other women just like you are ready and focused on doing what they love and creating & running their party planning businesses!  They will become your new party planning business besties as you all embark on this journey together.










          There’s no better way to learn how to start and run a successful party planning business than learning from someone who has been there, done that and continues to run a successful six-figure event planning business!


          When things get rough, and they will, be able to rely on an expert you can ask questions and get real answers!

          HI, MY NAME IS



          An Event Planner Coach


          AND...Owner and Creative Director of Soiree Event Design -- a six-figure event planning studio specializing in planning events, styling for brands and graphic design. 



          I was a young, black single mom with a newborn in a new city when I started my business—some haters may say the odds were stacked against me to win.  If I had waited for the "right time"...or...waited for permission...I would have never took that leap of faith and launched my business.  I'd probably be in a corporate job right now, wasting time doing something I don’t love. INSTEAD, I worked my butt off to scale my business to six-figures and am now enjoying the benefits & flexibility of being MY OWN BOSS!



          Yes, running your own business is hard but the rewards are well worth it when your hard work is directly connected to YOUR success and not the success of your employer.  



          Take your destiny into your own hands. Get the tools and training you need to create a business you love and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


          My business has worked with many brands, businesses and celebrities for over 20 years...


          Tonya Coleman of Soiree Event Design is the real deal. She is a badazz! She has been the engine behind six successful UNCF Masked Balls. Her attention to every level of detail and remaining calm and collected is a testament to her ability to always be client-focused.


          Laverne McCartney-Knighton |

          Area Development Director, UNCF


          I've had the good fortune to partner with Tonya Coleman on events large and small. She's truly a partner. Through her creativity, she brings the WOW! Through her experience, she brings the know-how. From her maturity, she brings grace. I'm clearly a fan and the praise is due to her excellent work and wonderful spirit.


          |​ Ken Charles |​

          Enterprise Talent, U.S. Bank


          OUR WORK

          Here are a few samples of my styling, event planning and candy table work with UNCF, Mattel (Monster High, Ever After High) and more!


                                                    I had the pleasure of working with Tonya Coleman of Soiree Event Design on my national conference BASH for 2 years. Tonya can do it all. Her organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are outstanding and greatly contributed to the success of the event. An added bonus is her extensive knowledge of graphic design sets her apart and she is able to coordinate and brand an event from concept to completion.


                                                    Michelle Burt |

                                                    Founder, BASH Conference



                                                    POWER IN


                                                    STEP-BY-STEP COURSES

                                                    How many times have you gotten information from people that lacked step-by-step details on HOW to launch your business only to remain stuck?

                                                    NOT HERE! 

                                                    In The Partypreneurs™ 101 SQUAD you will be empowered with the courses, tools and resources you will need to provide you a step-by-step roadmap to start and run a money-making party planning business the right way!

                                                    NOW IS THE TIME TO


                                                    TAKE ACTION!


                                                      I'm on a mission to teach new and aspiring party planners how to start and run successful party planning businesses!


                                                      I WANT YOU TO WIN!

                                                      When I first started, no other event planners wanted to share information.

                                                      NOT ME...I'M PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN & TEACHING YOU ALL I KNOW!


                                                      I'm providing the information, tools and resources that weren't available to me when I first started out. I wish I had this advantage of having a successful event planner show me step-by-step of not only WHAT to do but HOW to do it.


                                                      LAUNCH OR ELEVATE YOUR PARTY PLANNING BUSINESS WITH ME!



                                                        THIS IS THE COMMUNITY, COACHING & COURSES

                                                        I WISH WAS AVAILABLE WHEN I FIRST STARTED OUT!

                                                        The Partypreneurs™ 101 SQUAD —a division of The Partypreneurs School of Party Planning™ and Soiree Event Design™— is a 12 month membership that includes a private community, courses and coaching that teaches you step-by-step how to start or pivot your party planning business. 

                                                        AS PART OF THE SQUAD YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO:

                                                        PARTYPRENEURS™ 1O1 COURSES

                                                        Monthly access to the full suite of Partypreneurs™ 101 Courses including:

                                                        Course Training Videos

                                                        Workbooks with Action Steps

                                                        Templates • Swipe Files • Resources


                                                        COURSE #1 

                                                        GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

                                                        I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and know all about this entrepreneurial life!  I will share with you the real on what you can expect and how to get into the CEO Mindset necessary to BE YOUR OWN BOSS! 

                                                        COURSE #2 

                                                        RICH YOUR NICHE!

                                                        Learn how to identify your strengths and choose a niche for your business that will maximize your revenue and create a unique selling proposition to stand you apart! 

                                                        COURSE #3 

                                                        CHARGE YOUR WORTH!

                                                        Learn strategies on how to price effectively and create a price list that makes you profitable on every party. You will also set up a revenue plan to help you to manage your monthly and yearly revenue goals.


                                                        COURSE #4 

                                                        BUILD YOUR BRAND!

                                                        Learn the steps to creating an identifiable brand voice for your business that effectively communicates who you are, what you do and who you do it for!


                                                        COURSE #5 

                                                        GET LEGIT!

                                                        Learn the step-by-step process to get your business legal so you can start taking advantage of all the perks and benefits of being a legit small business!

                                                        COURSE #6 

                                                        STRUT YOUR STUFF!

                                                        Learn how to find clients and create a strategic marketing strategy to communicate with your ideal client to get noticed, get booked and maintain repeat business.

                                                        COURSE #7

                                                        GET SOCIAL!

                                                        Use my most effective social media platform—Facebook— as a revenue-generating marketing tool to find and book clients!

                                                        COURSE #8 

                                                        EXECUTE THE PLAN!

                                                        Learn how to manage the entire party planning process from the initial consultation to closing the deal through the day-of execution with ease. Learn how to deal with vendors and build a team.

                                                        COURSE #9 

                                                        CANDY & DESSERT TABLES 101

                                                        Learn how to properly price, set up and style your candy and dessert tables... PLUS...DONE FOR YOU packages with pricing ready to go.   

                                                        COURSE #10

                                                        DIVERSIFY YOUR REVENUE!

                                                        Learn ways you can diversify your party planning business by adding additional revenue streams while staying within your niche.


                                                        PRIVATE COMMUNITY

                                                        Access to a private Facebook group for members only!

                                                        GROUP COACHING

                                                        Access to monthly 1-hour live group Q&A calls with Tonya!

                                                        RESOURCE LIBRARY

                                                        Access to tools, resources and party printables!


                                                        CONTRACT BUNDLE

                                                        Access to the Partypreneurs™ Contract Bundle containing 9 done-for-you contract templates that you can personalize and use right away in your business. 


                                                        The Partypreneurs™ Contract Bundle includes:

                                                        • Event Planning Contract
                                                        • Consulting Agreement
                                                        • Catering Contract
                                                        • Contract Addendum
                                                        • Party/Event Rentals Contract
                                                        • Independent Contractor Contract
                                                        • Performer/Entertainment Contract
                                                        • Model Release Agreement
                                                        • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

                                                        PARTYPRENEURS™ PARTY 

                                                        PLANNING ORGANIZER

                                                        Access to the Partypreneurs™ Party Planning Organizer.  The must-have tool for party planners to stay organized and profitable!   


                                                        The Partypreneurs™ Party Planning Organizer includes:

                                                        • Revenue Planning Sheets
                                                        • Inventory Lists
                                                        • Guide to Linen Sizes
                                                        • Monthy, daily and yearly calendars
                                                        • Party Plans
                                                        • Styled Shoot Planner
                                                        • Tip Sheets
                                                        • Quarterly Goal Sheets
                                                        • AND MORE!

                                                        RAVE REVIEWS



                                                          Let me tell you I will NEVER undersell myself again after the Charge Your Worth course. I no longer will do a party without getting my worth and making a profit. This course helped me to be clear and precise on who I have as a client and how I can actually enjoy my work because I can see the profits. She also enlightens on what exactly it is that you should and should not be doing as an event planner. If you really want to do what you love and buy the things you want and love...sign up now!


                                                          Tonya really is right on time and so on point with this Candy Tables and Dessert Tables 101 course! I had been stumbling my way through trying to figure out how to set up and how to execute a polished and professional table and this course did just that. Tonya gives a very clear and focused explanation on the do's and don'ts of planning. You can feel the love and her desire for her clients to win in her upbeat and fun tone throughout! ​

                                                          Taija Silva

                                                          Owner, Regally Adorned Events & Sweets

                                                          The Get Your Mind Right course is the perfect way to kick off the Partypreneurs 101 series. It pushes you to really think about what you want from your business. Tonya provides tips on how to "get out of your own way" when it comes to launching your business and behaviors you have to exhibit to be successful at party planning.  AND it's wonderful that this class is free when purchasing any other class. Being able to take this class for free really shows that Tonya wants you to win!


                                                          I also purchased the Charge Your Worth course and got exactly what I was looking for and more! I was just looking for guidance on how to charge for a party...what I got was detail on what type of clients I want to work with, what services a planner provides, the importance of time management and how it relates to being profitable, and MORE.  Looking forward to completing the action plan!​

                                                          Shannon Towles

                                                          Owner, A Touch of Towles

                                                          With the pandemic as an event planner, I thought I was ruined.


                                                          I just finished Tonya’s Diversify Your Revenue course and let’s just GAME CHANGER!


                                                          There was so much amazing information that I have watched it a couple times and I got something new every time!


                                                          I highly recommend this course and it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!


                                                          I am now feeling prepared in an upside down world to thrive.


                                                          Thanks Tonya! 


                                                          Melissa Estepp

                                                          Owner, Premier Events by Melissa

                                                          In 2014 I was working as a Sales Director when my son got sick with Leukemia. Having to quit my job of 10 years was not only scary but also it impacted the finance at home pretty hard.  I was going crazy with all the things happening in my life trying to figure it out what to do with my life and trying to find a job that could allow me to stay at home with my kid and earn enough money for me. 


                                                          Doing some research online I found Tonya’s training that really changed my life.  Reading Tonya's story, knowing how she started, getting all the tips, training and amazing templates made me realize that I could start my own business and that I could be successful doing something that I never thought could be a profitable business. I used all of this information to start my own mobile party business from scratch which is still very successful after 6 years.  I truly believe that without her training I would be doing something completely different (and boring maybe).  I can't thank you enough Tonya! You are truly one of the  most inspiring entrepreneurs that really made a difference in my life!


                                                          Bianca Abud |

                                                          Owner, Princess & Tiaras


                                                          I have a diploma in events management which is mainly for fundraising and bigger events. But I have been looking up and down for professional and personalized party planning training including pricing and client consultations. Thank you so much for providing these courses, I don't think there's anything else like it out there.

                                                          Natasha Clough

                                                          Event Planner

                                                          I was planning events for family and friends and turned it into a business. Tonya's training on Charging Your Worth, stuck out to me the most. It was the way she broke it down in terms of the rental income side and the salary side. I use this pricing structure today and have since increased my prices to make sure I am paying myself a decent wage. My goal is to take my event planning/ decorating business full time! 

                                                          Talia Foster

                                                          Owner, Lavish Events by Talia

                                                          Working with Tonya, I have learned to be strong in my leadership voice and learned new tools to make my planning more efficient. If you are new to party planning or need a refresher on the ins and outs of event planning... Learning from an expert is key and Tonya's training is the best out there!

                                                          Katie Driver

                                                          Owner, Uncommon Creative Studio

                                                          SIGN ME UP!

                                                          I'M READY TO STOP LEAVING MONEY

                                                          ON THE TABLE

                                                          AND FINALLY GAIN THE CONFIDENCE TO

                                                          CHARGE MY WORTH!

                                                          PARTYPRENEURS™ 101 SQUAD​

                                                          12-MONTH MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM FOR NEW & ASPIRING PARTY PLANNERS

                                                          MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES:


                                                          MONTHLY ACCESS TO ALL PARTYPRENEURS™ 101 COURSES

                                                          (value: $2970)


                                                          ACCESS TO BONUS COURSE - WORKING WITH BRANDS

                                                          (value: $297)


                                                          MONTHLY 1-HOUR LIVE Q&A CALLS WITH TONYA COLEMAN

                                                          (value: $3,000)


                                                          RESOURCE LIBRARY OF TOOLS & RESOURCES

                                                          (value: $497)


                                                          PARTY PRINTABLES LIBRARY

                                                          (value: $420)


                                                          PRIVATE ONLINE FACEBOOK GROUP

                                                          (value: $3,000)


                                                          FREE COPY OF THE PARTYPRENEURS™ CONTRACT BUNDLE

                                                          (value: $197)


                                                          FREE COPY OF THE PARTYPRENEURS™ PARTY PLANNING ORGANIZER

                                                          (value: $97)


                                                          TOTAL VALUE:  $10,478 ($873/month)

                                                          SIGN UP & GET ALL OF THIS AMAZING VALUE FOR ONLY


                                                          (or $1997 one-time pay in full payment)

                                                          Pay-in-full members get immediate access to ALL Partypreneurs™ 101 courses when you join.



                                                          When I first started my business, Tonya's party planning business was one of the first to inspire me. I wanted to know how she ran her successful business.  Tonya's training offered her step-by-step strategy on starting and running a successful party business. No theories, no fluff —just right to the point advice.  


                                                          |​ Jamila Watson |

                                                          Owner, Parties on Purpose


                                                          The Partypreneurs School was the best decision that I’ve made in a while.

                                                          I’m about to Be My Own Boss! The courses are very thorough, informative and exactly what I need to be a successful party planner. I had no clue of how to do what I love for money.  I just knew how to plan great parties for friends and family for free but now I feel prepared and ready to introduce the world to my business with the tools that I was lacking and the confidence to stop giving away my time for free. If you want to run a successful business to be proud of, Partypreneurs 101 is for you!

                                                          Juanedra Jenkins

                                                          Current Student, The Partypreneurs School

                                                          Pricing My Worth was my biggest fear! 

                                                          Partyprenuers 101 is the best thing that happened to me.  I now know my worth and I have more confidence in my pricing. All the classes have impacted me—I learn something new from each one—things that I did not know that will help me be successful and things that will stand me apart from the rest of the event planners in my city.   I would recommend these classes for anyone who is serious about starting or taking their current business up a notch.  Some may think it’s pricey but it’s truly worth every penny.  You will gain so much knowledge to enhance your business.

                                                          Stephinia Troupe-Owens

                                                          Current Student, The Partypreneurs School


                                                          BE YOUR OWN BOSS!



                                                            DO WHAT YOU LOVE!


                                                            CREATE A BUSINESS YOU LOVE

                                                            ON YOUR OWN TERMS!


                                                            BE YOUR

                                                            OWN BOSS!


                                                            MAKE THE MONEY YOU WANT!

                                                            Imagine charging enough to be profitable on EVERY PARTY so you can meet your money goals—take that vacation, buy that car, pay off your bills!



                                                            WORK WITH DREAM CLIENTS!

                                                            Imagine working with clients who value your time & talent and are more than happy to pay you for it!



                                                            WORK HARD & PLAY HARD!

                                                            Imagine living and breathing all things party! Work everyday on what you love to do and get paid well for it!



                                                            HAVE FLEXIBILITY & FREEDOM!

                                                            Imagine creating your own hours and schedule that work for you!



                                                            • Who is this membership for? 

                                                              This 12 month membership is for aspiring party planners who are ready to launch their party planning business AND new party planners who need help elevating their business!  If you have dreamed of starting a party planning business and not sure how...YOU HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT! If you have been in business for less than 3 years, and are frustrated, close to burnout or not making enough money, it’s not too late to turn it around! 

                                                            • What happens when I join? 

                                                              When you join the membership, you will be charged for your first month and you will gain immediate access to The Partypreneurs™ 101 SQUAD.  When you enroll, you will receive an email with your exclusive log-in details to the Partypreneurs™ 101 SQUAD members-only site.  There you will have access to the first month's course and the resource library.  Each course will unlock to you (in order) every 30 days from the day you join.  You will also receive instructions on how to join our private Facebook group and information on how to join our monthly live Q&A calls on Zoom.  

                                                            • What if I can't make the live Q&A calls? 

                                                              Our monthly live Q&A calls will be on Zoom every third Thursday of the month at 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 4pm PST.  All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded to your membership site dashboard so you can access them later.  If you can't make any of the calls, you can watch them back when it's convenient for you.  If you have a question that you want answered on a call that you cannot make it to live, simply submit your question to us atleast 24 hours in advance and Tonya will answer your question on the call and you can watch the recording to get your answers. 

                                                            • What will I learn in the Partypreneurs™ 101 courses?

                                                              Courses #1-8 are my signature roadmap on HOW to launch a money-making party planning business. Each course is meant to be taken in order walking you step-by-step through the process of launching a party planning business. For new party planners, the courses will help you re-evaluate your business and realign it with my money-making step-by-step roadmap so you can start making the money you want and actually enjoy your business.


                                                              Course #9, #10 and #11 are designed to give you extra training on how to bring additional revenue into your business.


                                                              Course #9 - Candy & Dessert Tables 101 takes a deep-dive into HOW to set up, style and price your candy, dessert and sweets tables...PLUS...I'm giving you three done-for-you sweets tables packages that you can begin to use right now!  Trust me...most people aren't pricing these tables right and many are barely making a profit.  NOT after this course!


                                                              Course #10 - Diversify Your Revenue is geared to party planners who want to add additional revenue streams into their businesses including online offerings and products.  Maximize your revenue potential in your business by diversifying!


                                                              Course #11 - Working With Brands is my story on how I began working with brands like Hostess with the Hostess, Mattel, Oriental Trading, Disney and more.  I will provide you tips and what you should be doing now to position yourself to pitch to your favorite brands. 

                                                            • What's included in the Partypreneurs™ 101 courses?

                                                              All of the video courses range in length from 30 min to 1 1/2 hours. You can access the courses online at any time that is convenient for you.  Courses come with a downloadable workbook with action steps to help you implement what you learned in that course, resources, templates and swipe files.  Each course will unlock in your dashboard every month numerical order once you join.  If you choose to pay in full, all courses will be unlocked and available in your dashboard the day you join.

                                                            • How much does the membership cost? 

                                                              Monthly Payments:

                                                              As part of the membership, you will get monthly access to all 10 Partypreneurs™ 101 courses, a copy of the Partypreneurs™ Party Planning Organizer, monthly live group Q&A calls with Tonya and access to the resource library including the Partypreneurs™ Contract Bundle (9 contract templates you will need for your business) and a library of personalized party printables you can use in your business.  That is a total of $10,478 or $873/month, but you get it all for only $197/month for 12 months! 


                                                              When you enroll you are committing to a 12-month membership.  Payments will be automatically charged to the payment method you used when you signed up every 30 days.


                                                              Pay-in-Full Payment:

                                                              You can also choose to make a one-time payment of $1,997 which is a savings of $376 over the course of the membership.  AND...all one-time, pay-in-full payment members will receive immediate access to all the Partypreneurs™ 101 courses on day one!

                                                            • Can I cancel my membership?

                                                              The membership is a 12-month commitment, and due to the nature of the content available to you on day 1, there will be no cancellations granted after the first 14 days of your initial enrollment (as per FTC guidelines). However, we know that life happens, so any cancellation requests after the initial 14 day enrollment period is subject to approval by The Partypreneurs School of Party Planning™ with at least a 30 day advance notice. 

                                                            • Will I get one-on-one coaching with Tonya?

                                                              The membership does not include one-on-one coaching with Tonya but you will have direct access to Tonya in the private Facebook group and the monthly live Q&A calls.  As a member of The Partypreneurs™ 101 SQUAD you will have access to book 1-hour one-on-one coaching calls with Tonya on a reservation basis at $250/call. 

                                                            • Why should I join this membership instead of others?

                                                              Well, that’s pretty simple. This is a program taught by an event planner for event planners! There aren’t very many courses out there that teach specifically the party planning business and definitely not by an event planner who has been there and DONE THAT! It has been a passion of mine to share my knowledge of the event planning business with other women event planners so we can all be BADASS and PROFITABLE business owners living our best lives! I never did understand why other planners don’t want to share their “secret sauce”. Not me…I’m spilling all the TEA! AND…I have the business to prove it! I transformed my kids party planning business into a six-figure event planning business all while being a wife and mom of 5! YOU CAN DO IT TOO, but it takes an investment and work on your part.  


                                                              STILL HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?

                                                              Email us at


                                                            PARTYPRENEURS™ 101 SQUAD​

                                                            12-MONTH MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM FOR NEW & ASPIRING PARTY PLANNERS

                                                            MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES:


                                                            MONTHLY ACCESS TO ALL PARTYPRENEURS™ 101 COURSES

                                                            (value: $2970)


                                                            ACCESS TO BONUS COURSE - WORKING WITH BRANDS

                                                            (value: $297)


                                                            MONTHLY 1-HOUR LIVE Q&A CALLS WITH TONYA COLEMAN

                                                            (value: $3,000)


                                                            RESOURCE LIBRARY OF TOOLS & RESOURCES

                                                            (value: $497)


                                                            PARTY PRINTABLES LIBRARY

                                                            (value: $420)


                                                            PRIVATE ONLINE FACEBOOK GROUP

                                                            (value: $3,000)


                                                            FREE COPY OF THE PARTYPRENEURS™ CONTRACT BUNDLE

                                                            (value: $197)


                                                            FREE COPY OF THE PARTYPRENEURS™ PARTY PLANNING ORGANIZER

                                                            (value: $97)


                                                            TOTAL VALUE:  $10,478 ($873/month)

                                                            SIGN UP & GET ALL OF THIS AMAZING VALUE FOR ONLY


                                                            (or $1997 one-time pay in full payment)

                                                            Pay-in-full members get immediate access to ALL Partypreneurs™ 101 courses when you join.


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